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Or maybe another piercing?

By , March 2, 2010 9:16 pm

I was at my mom’s Sunday night (see the previous post on yumminess) and she said she’d been thinking about mother-daughter things for us to do together. She felt like we’d missed out, and wanted to make up for lost time. She surprised me by saying she’d been thinking about tattoos, since I hadn’t told her about my thoughts. But I guess a friend of hers (my mom’s age) and her daughter (my age) had gotten tattoos together as a bonding exercise, and it had gotten my mom thinking.

She said she’s not really excited about getting a tattoo (although we both joked that, after the amount of hair removal we’ve done, the pain of a tattoo can’t possibly compare). But she did say she had been thinking about getting another piercing on each ear, and that we could do that together (each get a second piercing) as a bonding experience.

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A tattoo?

By , February 25, 2010 9:42 pm

Should I get a tattoo?

I’ve been thinking about it as a way to claim authority and control over my body. I’m not sure where or what, but the general idea has been resonating with me.

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