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Guest posts and reader questions

By , May 13, 2010 10:50 am

Hey gang! I’m still recuperating, slowly but surely. So even though I’m feeling noticeably better each day, I’m still a long ways away from 100%. As such, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back to posting here as frequently or as verbosely as I like to, so I wanted to open up two questions to You, The Readers.

First, I’d love to provide an opportunity for guest posts, if anyone is interested. If you have a topic you’d like to write on, let me know. If you have an older post from your own blog you’d like to expose to a wider audience (meager as that ‘wider audience’ may be!) let me know that, too. Shoot me an email at blog [at]; I’d love to hear from you.

Likewise, if anyone has any questions for me they’re dying to have answered, or topics they would like to see me write on, I’m open to that, too. (Shamelessly stealing a page from Bond’s book.) Leave a question or a topic in the comments, or shoot me an email.

I hope to hear from you!


By , April 23, 2010 12:09 am

Changes may be a’brewin. I’m thinking about renaming The Thang Blog and rolling it into my artist site, I’m currently working on making my artist site something a little more professional, and a little less iWeb, and those thoughts collided with my growing realization that “The Thang Blog” is a really friggin’ vague title. Looking at other blogs I enjoy reading – Dear Diaspora, Feministe, Get Rich Slowly, Questioning Transphobia, and so on – the vast majority have names that are, if not descriptive, at least evocative.

I’m pretty sure I’d keep my primary email addresses at, out of momentum if nothing else, but it seems like it might be time to phase out as a place to send anyone looking for my existence online.

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Hosting ads while using an ad-blocker

By , April 8, 2010 1:32 am

I’ve been thinking recently about advertising on the Internet. As some of you may notice, I have an ad running along the right side of my blog. Specifically, I’m a member of BlogHer’s advertising network. BlogHer pegs itself as “the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices.” Their advertising network serves ads to members of the BlogHer network, giving advertisers the opportunity to focus on a (relatively) targeted audience. As a bonus for blogs serving BlogHer ads, the ads will link to other blogs in the BlogHer network – I get traffic from other people hosting BlogHer ads, and they send traffic to me. That means that being a BlogHer advertiser not only gives me a small amount of money, it boosts my traffic, further boosting my ad revenue.

I don’t make tons of money from the advertisements on this blog. It’s been about $10 a month, which basically covers my hosting costs for this blog. That said, it’s really exciting to get some money – no matter how little – for doing something I enjoy doing anyway.

For all that, I’m a bit of a hypocrite: I block ads when I’m online, and strongly recommend that everyone else should, too. The difference is pretty incredible.

There, isn't that better?

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Password-Protected Posts

By , September 11, 2009 5:17 pm

Following Daisy’s advice, I’ll be taking a page from Mr Sexsmith’s book and password-protecting certain posts about sex and sex-related stuff. Shoot me an email at blog [at] fridaythang [dot] com, preferably with a link to a blog or some other proof you’re a real person. I’ve updated the About page to reflect this, and hopefully people will notice. If not, I’ll have to find a better way to make a notification.

A Clarification on Comments

By , August 17, 2009 11:47 pm

I realize I’ve never actually posted anything approaching a comments policy.

It’s not a widely-read blog. I never figured I’d need to.

Following some recent discussion, I figured it’d be worthwhile to issue a clarification of what I’ve already been doing.

So, without further ado, the Comments Policy for The Thang Blog:

Rule Zero: The final decider on whether any comment may be posted is Rebecca, Author of the Blog. Posting of comments are contingent of her capricious, subjective, and biased will.

Translation: It’s my damn blog. I make the rules.

Rule One: Being polite, on-topic, and respectful will increase the likelihood that your comment will be posted.

Translation: Play nice.

Rule Two: Being rude, off-topic, and disrespectful will increase the likelihood that your comment won’t be posted, and that you’ll be banned from future commenting.

Translation: Play nice.

Rule Three: If you think someone else is breaking Rules One and Two, let them (and Rebecca) know. It’s entirely possible they didn’t realize it and/or Rebecca didn’t notice. But let them know while continuing to play nice yourself.

Translation: People – myself included – aren’t perfect. I try to catch people being rude, off-topic, etc, but it’s possible I didn’t notice. It’s also possible I noticed but still allowed it, or noticed and didn’t think it was rude, off-topic, etc. See: Rule Zero.

Addendum: If you think Rebecca isn’t obeying her own rules, feel free to call her on it. She usually tries not to be rude or disrespectful, and is almost always willing to entertain honest dissent.

Translation: Let me know if I’m being a jerk. I really don’t like to be disrespectful or rude, and I’m usually quick to back up and apologize when I step on someone’s toes. But bear in mind Rule Zero: My definition of ‘jerk’ may differ from yours, or I may be OK with being a jerk in some specific instance. In either case, Rule Zero applies.

Are we really doing this again? (OR: The Great Trans Blogging Shakeup of 2009, pt 2)

By , July 8, 2009 12:17 am

Back in May I posted about The Great Trans Feminist Blogging Shakeup of 2009. Less ridiculously described, it was a series of posts and discussions in April about how Feminist blogs can/should foster discussion about trans issues. The post was prompted by my own disappointment in a discussion over at Feministing, and I was trying to process my own experiences by going through how others had viewed the conversation in April.

Well, the (queer) blogosphere is (once again) up in arms over trans related discussions, so I thought I’d (once again) try and construct a timeline so that I could better understand what the heck has been going on. Here we go!

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Take a deep breath and count to ten

By , June 29, 2009 10:00 am

I’ve updated the previous post, Backlog of Links, with a more accurate description with how Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman are handling the response to their use of ‘tranny’ in their call for submissions to a new, updated Gender Outlaw. Ultimately, my summary (“the CFS used ‘tranny’ and Bear wasn’t willing to engage in a discussion about whether that was OK”) was really unfair to both he and Kate. As I said in the update to the previous post, life is often more complicated than it first seems and my assumptions about his behavior were totally off-base.

I wanted to take an extra post, though, to more fully go over my thoughts on how the Internet can (negatively) affect communication. In this case, I mean ways my communication was handled poorly, not anyone else’s.

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Better categories and tags?

By , June 2, 2009 6:05 pm

I realized recently that my categories and tags lists have gotten unreasonably long. Anyone have any suggestions for trimming them down, manually or automatically?

The Great Trans Feminist Blogging Shakeup of 2009

By , May 26, 2009 12:33 am

I recently mentioned that I had submitted a question about trans women’s sexuality to Feministing and the question was chosen for their sex advice column and posted here.  To my surprise, the discussion in the comments was mostly about how to hold a discussion on trans issues, and responding to transphobic posts. I was disappointed to see this, and this post is an attempt to gather my thoughts about how (whether?) a trans-specific discussion can be held on a site that does not have a trans-specific focus. (I do want to make sure to point out that the vast majority of the posts were not transphobic, and that there were definitely some good comments, advice, and links. I don’t want to make it sound like there was nothing of value in the discussion, or that I regret submitting the question, because neither of those is true.)

But first, lets go back in time a month or so and look at a similar discussion on trans issues which happened at Feministing and Feministe in mid April.

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Transitioning and Changing Sexuality

By , May 25, 2009 1:29 am

Feministing has a regular sex advice column called Ask Professor Foxy. I submitted a question about sexuality changing over the course of the transition, which was posted – along with a response – earlier today. The basis of the question was this: I’m a trans woman in the process of transitioning, and having a lot of frustration in figuring out how to deal with my ever-changing sexuality.

And from the resposne:

Part of this process is also going to have to be exploring your new body and your new desires and not judging yourself during this process. You can even think of it as a burden or as an extra gift during transition. Unlike cisgendered women, who typically have to get used to things on their body, you are going to be able to explore things on your body that you very much want: the breasts, the hips you will likely develop. Enjoy it!

It’s definitely worth reading, but what’s a lot more interesting is the comments…

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