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Obligatory cloud reference: CR-48 and Google’s Chrome OS

By , December 21, 2010 7:19 pm

This post was begun in my kitchen, something not too impressive in today’s connected and wireless world. In fact, my laptop since college – a long-in-the-tooth Dell Inspiron – has let me type posts in kitchens, at friends houses, on interstate busses, and on airplanes. (With varying levels of connectivity, admittedly, but I could at leas type the post at those places.) What makes this post unique is it’s the first I’m typing on my tester hardware of Google’s CR-48 netbook, complete with Google’s Chrome OS operating system.

What does that mean? First and foremost, it means I’m working in the ‘cloud,’ without any local file storage. If the computer isn’t online, either via WiFi or the included Verizon Wireless connection (which I have yet to get working) I’m SOL. For working at my apartment or a coffee shop, that isn’t an issue. If I’d had this netbook on my trip to Minneapolis, would the Verizon connection have worked on the bus? I don’t know.

BetaNews has a pretty good 7-day breakdown of one reviewer’s experiences with Chrome OS, and is worth reading if you want a really in depth look at what this machine could mean. After the break, I’ll go into some of my impressions after 36 hours.

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Silly computer…

By , July 25, 2009 9:50 pm

I’ve mentioned my status as ‘geek’ on more than one occasion. As it relates to computers, I have a laptop (which I’m using more and more as it’s nice to sit in the living room and write blog posts about how I’m able to sit in the living room blogging) and a desktop (which I use for media storage and playing games).

Unfortunately, it seems like the desktop is on the way out.

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Video Test (Also: I love Ubuntu, except when I don’t)

By , September 9, 2008 11:11 pm

Just put this together with my new video camera (toys!) and KDEnlive.

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In which I geek out

By , July 21, 2008 3:19 am

Feel free to ignore this post if you’re not a computer geek and/or have no interest in computer geekery…

I use Ubuntu as my only OS on my desktop and my primary OS on my laptop (where XP is still installed as a secondary OS ‘Just In Case’) and I wanted to take a moment to sing Ubuntu’s praises.

First, with the exception of get newer video games to work, I can do everything I could imagine on Windows and, in some cases, more. I can watch DVDs, videos online, listen to music, transfer songs to my used iPod mini, etc, etc, etc. I have Azureus (well, now Vuze) automatically downloading TV shows I like via torrent RSSes, and the video files shared to my XBox with XBMC through Ubuntu’s Samba server so I can watch ’em on the TV in the living room. I can rip DVDs via DVDShrink through Wine, and burn the resulting ISOs with Ubuntu’s file manager. (Something Windows still can’t manage, grr.)

(The video games are a function of my old video card not having good drivers, something I hope to rectify by the end of the summer by upgrading. I could buy the components of my current computer, which I bought new for about $1000 about 3 years ago, for about $400. I think spending $200 for a new mobo, RAM, CPU, and video card isn’t too shabby.)

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