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New toys! A nice DSLR camera

By , October 26, 2008 8:37 pm

I always feel weird figuring out what I want for my birthday because I become plagued with indecision and too many options. This year my mom was good enough to give me a combined birthday/Chanukah financial gift going toward my hair removal, but I couldn’t figure out what to ask my dad for. Well, after our recent discussion, we were back at my apartment and talking about more mundane things, including the video camera I bought over the summer (which was funded in part by the artist’s stipend from the mentorship program I’m working on). At the time I was torn over a video camera and a still camera, and decided on the Sony CX12 because it can take solid – if not amazing – still pictures and serve well as a standard and high-def video camera. I’ve been happy with it on both accounts, and some of the pictures and video I’ve posted on this blog were taken with the CX12.

Well, I realized a nice still camera (or splitting the cost of a still camera, as I think it’s unfair to ask for things beyond whatever the general established history of gift costs) would be a perfect thing to ask for, and yesterday my dad and I went to a camera store and I came home with a shiney new camera.

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