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OMG teeth!

By , January 28, 2010 12:56 am

Went back to the dentist this week, even though I wasn’t very excited to have my cavities filled after my last visit. Fortunately, I got some better news – one of the cavities was super easy and not at all painful to fill, and the other one might not be a cavity at all! Basically, it looked like a really bad cavity from one angle on the x-ray, but not the other. And, if it was as bad of a cavity as it seemed, it should have been visible from both angles. So, rather than go digging and possibly not find anything, we’re going to wait a few months and I’ll come back to get another set of x-rays. If the ‘cavity’ hasn’t changed, that means the x-ray is really just showing my teeth (slightly odd teeth, apparently). If the ‘cavity’ has changed, that means it’s actually a cavity and I need to get it drilled. Ouch! (This is part of the reason I like my dentist – he’s willing to not do a procedure if he doesn’t think it’s the right decision.)

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, I saw this and it made me laugh:


(For anyone who doesn’t get it, OMG means ‘Oh my god!’ in text-speak. As in “OMG WTF! u nevaz did dat, like, dats like, fkin gay! if i did dat id be like, wowz!!!!”

New year, new banners

By , January 1, 2010 2:23 pm

I’m trying to update the banner images on this site, and it seems like they’re only displaying intermittently. Can people post and let me know if the images at the top are or aren’t showing? And, if they are, what image is being displayed? (And and, if you reload the page, does the image change?) Thanks!

Helen Boyd is wrong about ‘Cisgender’

By , September 26, 2009 6:11 pm

I’m a bit late on this, but Helen Boyd recently posted her thoughts on the whole ‘cisgender’ usage debate. From her post (selected quoting)

First, I’m going to claim a difference between cisgender & cissexual. Cisgender, the problem seems to me, is not the easy opposite of transgender. Cisgender implies, or means, or could mean (depending on who you talk to), that someone’s sex and gender are concordant. So your average butch woman, who is not trans, or is, depending on how she feels about it (see Bear Bergman), is now somehow cisgender. So is someone like me. So is a femme-y gay man who maybe performs a more gender normative masculinity for his job. That is, those of us who have variable genders, who maybe are gender fluid or gender neutral but who don’t identify as trans, are now somehow cisgender.

& Honestly, that’s bullshit. There’s a reason I use GVETGI to describe myself = Gender Variant Enough To Get It, is what it stands for.

Telling me, & other partners whose lives are profoundly impacted by the legal rights / cultural perceptions of trans people, that we are “not trans” implies that we are also not part of the trans community. I’ve been saying for years now that we are. When trans people are killed, harassed, not hired, fired due to discrimination, denied health care, etc. etc. etc., their loved ones suffer along with them. Their families, their lovers, their kids especially. We are not just “allies.” We are vested, dammit, & a part of the trans community, so when “cisgender” comes to mean, or is used to mean, “not part of the trans community,” we are once again left out in the dark.

Um, what? She’s made two huge leaps, neither of which I really agree with.

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More random links

By , July 23, 2009 12:35 am


  • An Open Letter, from (trans)pose – a great open letter (obviously) to “Cissexual Queer/Gender Theorists, Feminists, and Trans Allies” because “some of y’all have been talking about me, and you’ve been talking so loudly that you haven’t been hearing what I’m saying. Some of you haven’t even noticed that I’m in the room.”
  • The 6 Most Depressing Happy Endings in Movies from Cracked – I know, I know, another list? But it’s funny! There’s a Galactic Empire Official Defense Strategy flowchart!
  • Disability Is…? at Feministe – My mom has worked with disabled students and kids for as long as I can remember, so I find discussions about the language surrounding disability – particularly in light of discussions surrounding cis – particularly interesting
  • How Hard Is It To Transition In Your Hometown? from TransGriot – As someone transitioning in her hometown, I think this is worth reading. I would have commented on it, but anonymous comments are disabled and I don’t want a Blogspot account (To be clear, I’m not faulting people for ensuring they know who is posting to their blog, I just don’t want to have a login for every blog at which I’d like to comment occasionally…)
  • Operation Beautiful from Feministe – I did this at work, and need to check to make sure it wasn’t taken down from the bathroom
  • A bit of a blogular digression at Questioning Transphobia – A good review of why “But trans women can’t understand born-women’s experiences!” is a strawman argument

The Common Whooping Troll

By , June 3, 2009 10:04 pm

Wow! I must be doing something right to warrant a “You can’t be a feminist if you’re trans! Waaaaaah!’ comment! Gold stars for everyone.

Dear Red States

By , October 28, 2008 12:47 am

(An oldie-but-goodie from the Best of Craigslist.)

Dear Red States…

We’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, and
we’re taking the other Blue States with us.

In case you aren’t aware, that includes Hawaii, Oregon,Washington,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We
believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially
to the people of the new country of New California.
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Confidence (comma even more on)

By , July 21, 2008 3:34 am

MG has been in this past weekend (and a little last week) for wedding prep and bridal shower stuff for SH’s upcoming fall wedding, and has given me a big shot of confidence. I’m generally feeling better about lots of stuff, so everything sort of collectively seems less scary, but MG said some specific comments about how I was looking (like guessing my weight 15 pounds below what it actually is!) that really just made me feel good about myself. We also went shopping for some clothing (at Target! ooooh, classy) just so my closet wasn’t so androgynous (at best…)

Likewise, I went out some this weekend in explicitly feminine clothing and it felt good. I even got included in a collective ‘ladies’ tonight after going to the beach and decidedly not looking feminine…

So yeah. I’m starting the mentorship thing tomorrow, culminating in a group performance next Sunday and solo performance in November (so far away!) so I’ll definitely post on how it goes. But although I’m still a little terrified – about presenting myself as R artistically and just presenting myself artistically, period, and just presenting presenting myself as R, period – I’m feeling lots better about all three of those things.

Hopefully I’ll still feel the same way after the first meeting tomorrow!


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