Moving through Time

By , November 26, 2012 1:00 pm

Finally went to the Green Mill last night and saw the fabulous Erica perform in the Poetry Slam. It got me thinking about poetry and I figured I’d try my hand at something that – for me – is a little different. I may be stretching the poem’s idea (and structure) a little too far, but it was fun to write.

I can travel through time
Forward at the rate of one second per second
A stately progression of moments
One after the other

Except when
Time lurches to the side
And a pain is drawn out

Except when
Time staggers with confusion
And joy is compressed

Except when
Time pauses without reason
And boredom reigns king

Except when
Time vibrates with elasticity
And sensation encompasses all

I can travel through time
Backward at the rate of one moment per memory
An organized library of experiences
One next to the other

Except when
I am overwhelmed by a scent
And become lost in a forest

Except when
I am felled by a mistake
And become sticky with regret

Except when
I am struck by the waves
And become adrift on their currents

Except when
I am caught up in a daydream
Become someone else entirely
And leave time completely

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