A note on my car

By , August 9, 2012 6:08 pm

Still in Minneapolis, having a blast. On Monday I drive back to Chicago, where I’ll be for three days before heading to Indianapolis. PHEW! Fringe is going well, though. Audiences are good, I’m getting good audience reviews, and I’m having a fun time. This morning, however, I came out fro my billet to find a note tucked under my window

First, some back story. My car has a lot of bumper stickers – probably three or four dozen, with more being added as I travel. Some of them are from locations, some of them are political, and – taken as a whole – they give a pretty good picture of my politics. A few are from the fabulous Phil van Hest, a comedian from Indianapolis who I met Fringing last year. One of those says “Real men find Jesus sexually attractive.”

Here’s the note (transcription below, since it’s not a great photo):

First paper: To the owner of this car…

Second paper: PLEASE repent and avoid God’s judgement on yourself. You won’t find Jesus “sexually attractive” if He comes back today and you’re still in your sins. Turn from your self-rule and turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior, your only Hope.


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  1. John says:

    Gotta love the 1st amendment

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