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Cross-posted with permission from http://www.ericaricardo.com/oz/. Copyright Erica Dreisbach.

the fucked up part about The Wizard of Oz is
Dorothy chooses Kansas over Oz
knowing what she knows about Kansas
knowing what she knows about Oz
she chooses Kansas over Oz
Kansas is flat and boring
Oz is magical, and full of adventure
they don’t give a shit about her in Kansas
when she leaves Kansas
they have left her there to die
they have left her there to die.
look around for a minute
well, we tried
open the cellar
go back inside
all of the friends who would lay their lives on the line for her
who would die for her
who love her
they are in Oz
she chooses Kansas over Oz
why do we go back to the places that hurt us
that burn us
and you don’t have to go home
you can rehearse with whomever happens to be around
you were you just a second ago
and now you’re
my mom
and I am slinging lines at you first devised
fifteen years and two thousand miles ago
civil war re-enactments
those wars don’t end in peace they end in victory
they end in cemeteries
slaughter of father, daughter
son and brother
friend and lover
but still
we polish these arguments like bullets
like one day if we lobbed them right into the dark heart
we could end war
with a bomb
like how Ayn Rand at the end of her life
lived on Medicare
like the human beings in need she called leeches
and you wish you coulda been there
to tell her off
how now, Ayn Rand?
I guess Atlas
 did shrug
all those very clever lines you think up
admit it! admit that your philosophy is hypocrisy!
admit it!

and you’re not really talking to Ayn Rand anymore
admit that you never loved me admit you always loved me admit you still do
admit it!
and you do not resemble a petulant teenager now
so much as a little dog, too
admit it! admit it! ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!
but if you have eyes, open them
and if you have any compassion in your heart
(which, you do
it’s why you believe in a motherfucking social safety net
in the fucking first place)
you see that she is an old woman
and you are a young woman.
say, “Grandmother”
lift her soup to her lips
let her sip
it is not as gratifying
or as satisfying
as you thought it would be
but this is the peace
this is the peace
I know Dorothy chooses Kansas
I know she returns to Oz one day
its queen

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