Read These (someday…): What I’m putting on my summer reading list

By , May 17, 2012 3:46 pm

Originally posted at In Our Words, and crossposted with permission.

I read in cycles: for a few weeks, I’ll read constantly, plowing through book after book. Then I’ll pause, only to gorge myself on Netflix Streaming. I’m pretty predictable in that way, and take time to build up a list of to-read while I’m working my way through The Wonder Years or Scrubs. I’ve just finished my Netflix phase (and rewatching The Office was delightful), so here’s my book list:

I just started rereading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. He, along with Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein, are the Big Three of classic science fiction, and Foundation doesn’t disappoint. It’s modeled after History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, following the waning days of the twelve thousand year Galactic Empire, and the scientists (the titular Foundation) attempting to avoid a dark ages expected to last thirty thousand years.Foundation is simply good fun: classic sci fi, galaxy-spanning conflicts, and – like most Asimov – full of intelligent and believable characters trying to do their best in an imperfect universe. Asimov kept adding to the Foundationseries, but start with FoundationFoundation and Empire, and Second Foundation, in that order. If you’re dying to keep reading after that, you’ll still have lots more set in the Foundation universe to keep you happy. Continue reading 'Read These (someday…): What I’m putting on my summer reading list'»

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