By , April 17, 2012 3:13 pm

As I work on Storms Beneath Her Skin, I’ve had some fun writing exercises

The viewpoints of this artist do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of other transgender, transsexual, trans, genderqueer, or otherwise non-normatively gendered individuals. In addition, there is no hierarchy of gender. Any individual who places one’s gendered experience above another’s should be viewed with skepticism.

Common hierarchies include but are not limited to (in ascending order) fetish cross dresser, social cross dresser, private drag performer, public drag performer, closeted transgender, individual, out transgender individual not planning to have surgery or hormone replacement therapy, out transgender individual on hormone replacement therapy,  out transgender individual planning to have surgery, out transgender individual who has had surgery, or (in descending order) androgynous and gender fluid individuals, non-operative transgender individuals, drag performers, cross dressers of all types, and post-operative transgender individuals.

Side effects may include a wider world view, more inclusive attitude, questioning of self-identification, and erectile disfunction. In the event of a contradiction, please allow each individual to self-identify and self-define their life experience and their own identity.  Please consult any such individuals in your life before applying the viewpoints of this artist to them.

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