Enhanced security patdown

By , March 15, 2012 2:51 pm

I’m sitting in Terminal 3 at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, waiting for my flight to San Francisco. I’m going to visit family and to have a surgery consult with Dr Bowers. Prepping for the trip, I thought through how I would handle the new TSA “Advanced Imaging Technology” (AIT) scanners. Ignoring potential health concerns and the fact that they don’t work to increase security, I’m concerned as a trans person. As someone who, as I’ve joke before, is attempting to smuggle a penis through airport security.

I talked about the TSA last year, while at the National Center for Transgender Equality’s conference on trans issues. The post discussed how the TSA was handling trans travelers, and they deserve credit for appearing at the conference at all. Likewise, when the TSA fucks up, they work (at least they say they do) to correct the problem. That said, it’s inherently obvious to anyone who works with computers – or even anyone who has a camera phone – that the TSA’s claim that the AIT scanners can’t store images is bullshit.

So I opted for the “enhanced” pat-down, preferring not to risk images of my naughty bits being sent far and wide without my knowledge or consent.

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