How do we embody gender and identity?

By , March 14, 2012 3:04 pm

As I continue to brainstorm for the show I’ll be touring this summer, it has been helpful to also think about past productions. Specifically, what was their through-line? What arc(s) did the show contain? For Uncovering the Mirrors, the primary question was “How do ceremony and ritual help shape identity?” For No Gender Left Behind, “How do we teach gender and identity?” Obviously, each show explored topics beyond those specific questions, but – particularly looking back at those scripts – that’s where the bulk of my energy was going.

I’ve been trying to use this realization – I hadn’t really thought about my shows in that way before – I’ve been considering what I want to examine in this show: How do we embody and physicalize gender and identity?

I’m hoping this line of inquiry will help me write more (and write more productively towards performance) as I’ve felt a bit blocked. Not that I don’t have any ideas, but that they’re so shifting and ephemeral it’s hard to pin anything down. Like things are coming in and out of focus, but no unifying picture is (yet) emerging.

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