Oh, Craiglist Personals…

By , November 3, 2011 4:51 pm

When I’m single, Every six months or so I’ll get bored and post something to the Craigslist Personals section. Nothing long-term has ever come of it, but I’ve had some fun dates and an amusing time writing the ads. I again posted something a few nights ago, in which I mentioned I’m trans, and one of the responses was this:

Uh…maybe, just maybe you aren’t getting any action because you are a guy posting on WfW board?

Ever think of that?

You have every right to feel that you are female…more power to you.  Go buy some heals and short skirts if it makes you feel better.

Anatomically though you are still a GUY.

I feel for you….really…you have my sympathy.

But no woman who is seeking another woman wants to date/hook up with anyone with your “equipment.”

Just a thought….

I generally try to assume good intent until proven otherwise. Also, I was bored when I received it, and willing to engage. (Perhaps foolishly so.) Here’s what I sent in response:

Thanks for the email. I’m going to assume honest ignorance, and that you’re really trying to help me out. While, as I said in my post, I haven’t had a ton of dating luck lately, I have dated (and hooked up with, and fucked) a number of women over the years. The majority of whom didn’t have a problem with my “equipment.” Many of whom identified as lesbian. And some of whom had never been with someone who had a penis. Part of the reason I’m open about my identity as trans in the CL post is to avoid people who aren’t interested in my equipment. Which is fine – I’m not trying to force myself on anyone.

But I do think you have a somewhat narrow definition of male and female (even if you’re looking at things anotomically). I’m not intersex, but why should my dick win over my boobs as determining my gender? Likewise, if I’m out in public, people perceive me as female, not as male. Would a straight woman want that? (In my experience, no.)
So I made a conscious choice to post in the wfw section. I’ve already gotten a few positive responses, some of which I plan to follow up on. Because I do think I posted in the correct section, anatomy be damned.
And back:
You have a penis.

Therefore, you are a male.

Nobody sane would disagree with me.

Get off the women seeking women board.  You are not a woman by any definition.

You are clearly a queer guy.  You might not like it, but that’s what you are.

And forth:

You’re imposing an identity.

Therefore you are a bigot.
Nobody sane would disagree with me.
Stop spreading your hatred. You are not a nice person by any definition.
You are clearly a mean person. You might not like it, but that’s what you are.
Isn’t the Internet fun?

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