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By , July 24, 2011 10:10 pm

Last night’s show went really well, and had a pretty good house. Two user-submitted reviews are up at at KCStage.com, and both are very positive. In the meantime, I’ve had a chance to see a couple shows and here are some mini-reviews:

This – A short two-person show involving a man trying to convince a woman he just met to marry him. Surprisingly bittersweet and evocative.

FreakShow Deluxe – Exactly what it promises, making me remember I actually don’t love freakshows. But human blockhead, dangers whip and sword acts, the whole deal.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show Parody – SO MUCH FUN! If you love old cartoons and Rocky Horror, this show is the place to be. Hilarious, well-written, well-sung, and very well-costumed.

Grimm and Bare It – I only really saw the last 2/3 of this show, since I was volunteering at the box office at the beginning. It was fun, a combo of fairy tales and burlesque, but not amazing. Which was surprising, seeing as there was a line out the door and the venue had to turn away maybe 70 people. Definitely worth seeing, but I was impressed by the huge turnout.

A Rumble in the City – Two of Kansas City’s Burlesque and BOYLesque troupes (in KC? Who knew?) in a fun competition to see if men or women are better burlesquers. Very much rigged for the entertainment of the audience, but really well done (and funny and thoughtful) acts ranging from West Side Story to vampires to the song Under Pressure.

Evolution – Another show in my venue. Roman, a trans man, talks about his experiences traveling and hitchhiking across the southern US. A really interesting story which took him to lots of (geographical and emotional) places.

I’ve also been really out there pushing my postcards and have probably gone through maybe half of the 5,000 I ordered. I used some before I came to KC, but most of that has been handing them out while here. A few Fringe-goers have gotten to know me because I keep running into them in line, which is fun. I also enjoyed volunteering last night because, again, it was a great way to meet people.

The burlesque shows are selling incredibly well, so I’ve been hitting up those lines a lot. I’ve also been staying outside all of the shows I’ve attended, handing out postcards until the last minute and then slipping into a back row.

KC Fringe has a ‘hangover show’ award, which means the best-selling show in any particular venue gets a free bonus performance on the final Sunday of Fringe. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m on track to be the best selling at Loft 122, especially because I heard they’re doing a lazy total sum of tickets rather than a more sophisticated averaging across all performances. (Not that I blame me for their mathematical laziness when calculating something at midnight on a Saturday night, which is when they’ll get the final ticket numbers to make the call.)

So all in all I’m having a great first Fringe trip outside of Chicago. I’m psyched for the rest of the week, and for Indianapolis and Chicago in the coming months

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    Congratulations on the good notices 🙂

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