A most important question

By , June 2, 2011 11:51 pm

This week has been a little tough, so something on the lighter side: which direction should one wipe with toilet paper?

Toilet paper should obviously be hung dangling over for easier access, but what do you do with the toilet paper once it’s off the roll? Lifehacker has your back:

Dr. Curtis Asbury, says that the method of wiping your buttocks depends heavily on what companion equipment you have in the area. If you’re a guy, “do whatever feels right. It makes no difference. Heck, you can go side to side if you like!” But on the other hand, the conventional wisdom among women (which apparently isn’t so conventional for some) says that front-to-back is the way to go to avoid urinary tract infections. Not so fast ladies!

The thought is that when you wipe from back to front, you are moving fecal material towards the vagina and thus the urethra. Bacteria gets in the urethra, travels up to the bladder, and soon enough you got a UTI brewing. Unfortunately, despite this elegant theory, it simply hasn’t proven itself in the scientific literature. According to the evidence in multiple studies, it doesn’t matter which way you wipe. That being said, which way would I wipe if I were a woman? You better believe I’m wiping front to back!

That’s news you can use. Hit the link for the full story.


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