Lists and Rules about Creativity

By , May 17, 2011 3:44 pm

When I think of ‘creativity,’ the idea of making lists doesn’t exactly spring to mind. Nevertheless, I recently came across two lists worth sharing. First, from the fabulous Felicia Day’s blog, 10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Writing (a guest post from another blogger). A few of the specifics I like are Eliminating Distractions (something I’m horrible at), using a Brain Dump to get out as many ideas as possible, and giving your self a Deadline (something I’m slowwwwwly getting better at). Most of the ideas seem applicable to lots of creative fields, not just writing, so check it out!

Then from the also-fabulous-in-very-different-ways Neo Futurists (where I recently auditioned for a chance to be in their ensemble) 25 Rules for Creating Good Theatre from the Neo’s founder Greg Allen. I love the Neo aesthetic of honest, open-handed theatre, and Greg’s list fits well within that mindset. I also want to really reflect on this list as I’m working on No Gender Left Behind, particularly points like

Rule #4: Know why you are creating this show. The piece you create must be the expression of something about which you feel very deeply. Setting out to make “good theater” is not enough. Take a strong stand – personal, political, social, artistic, – and challenge yourself to express it. Include your performers in this aim.


Rule #11: Create true theater. A show should never fail to answer the question “Why is this theater?”  Theater is live performers in front of a live audience. Never forget this. If your show can be put on television or turned into a movie without losing something, you have failed.

But I wanted to expand on one particular rule of Greg’s:

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