Review: Bum Buddies ‘Tease My Tush’

By , March 23, 2011 9:56 pm

Yes, the packaging is kinda stupid.

My last two sex toy reviews were, alas, of sub-par products. Too expensive, too loud, too battery-eating, too ridiculous. But at last, with the Bum Buddies Tease My Tush (hereafter referred to as the BB) I think we have a winner!

I gotta say, I was skeptical when the BB arrived at my doorstep. The name, the packaging, the color – none filled me with a sense of confidence. (Not that “confidence” is what a sex toy should fill you with, ifyouknowwhatimean.) But the MSRP, $16-18, isn’t too bad and – unlike some other toys I’ve tested – the front and back oft he packaging note that it’s made of silicone, is phthalate free, can be cleaned with soap and water and/or boiled and/or placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. (My roommates have yet to let me do that last one…)

So while the color and packaging were kinda silly, the actual information on the packaging was reassuring. Imagine that! And the package was easy to open!

The BB feels nice and silicone-y to the touch. You can see the small manufacturing seam running down the middle if you look, but it seems to be pretty well made and I wasn’t worried about it falling apart. Honestly, I was more worried about not feeling a thing, or having it slip out right away. But, thinking happy thoughts, I lubed up and got to work.

Ta da!

Sex toy lineup

The BB slipped right in, with the rounded tip making for easy insertion. The…I dunno, flange? Nub? Rib? Is there a sex toy linguist in the house? The flared bit near the base was also easy to insert, and the wide base (CRUCIAL FOR ANAL TOYS UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL) did – as the package promised – “fit comfortably between [my] cheeks.

The BB comes in three sizes, Beginner, Intermediate, and (presumably) XTREEEM. (Or maybe just Large. Or Skilled. Anal Princess, perhaps?) I received a Beginner, the smallest size, and wondered before I began if my tush needed more material in a sex toy for adequate teasing.

Fortunately, my tush WAS adequately teased with the beginner Bum Buddy! I’d love to get my hands on a larger size, but it was actually yummy having a successfully non-slipping toy for use with sex play. Go Bum Buddy!

This review seems pretty short, because I have mostly good things to say. The package is silly, the color isn’t my favorite, but the price and the toy itself were both great. So I’d definitely recommend this toy, for novice and more experience anal players alike. If you know you only like really big things teasing your tush, it probably won’t do much for you. But if, like myself, you’re fine with a smaller tush teasing experience (and for under $20) this toy seems pretty hard to beat.

(Hard to beat. Get it? It’s a masturbation joke. Hard to…oh, nevermind.)

And, of course, if you’re going to purchase this or any other sex toy, go to Early to Bed, provider of this test Bum Buddy, to shop. (Thanks ETB!) Now go have some (safe) fun!

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