Toys! (A post about computers)

By , January 23, 2011 3:13 pm

I just got a used iMac from a friend, and its making me rethink my computer set up. Right now I have the iMac on my desk in my room, and a (Windows) PC on the desk in my ‘office’ (really a corner of the sun room). I’m trying to figure out what’s going to give me the best workflow and the best ‘play’ flow (video games, music, etc). I also managed to sell my old computers (well, assuming a Craigslist deal goes through) so I have a little money to play with.

Right now the PC is my office computer, which means I have two internal harddrives – a primary and a backup – and two monitors, along with video editing software that can process my stupid camera’s obscure file format natively. What I’d like do do is this:

  • Move the Mac to the office and the PC to my room (I can’t play video games on the Mac, so it seems better to use it as a work computer)
  • Buy a mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter so I can use a second monitor with the iMac (~$8, including shipping)
  • Get more storage space, either:
    • Buy two external hard drive enclosures to use with the iMac – one for storage (since the 300 gig internal drive isn’t cutting it for me) and one for backup (around $30 or $35 each)
    • OR crack open the iMac and put in a new drive (I have tons sitting around). I’d still need one more external case for backup
    • OR do both?┬áDecadent!

That list wasn’t quite as overwhelming (or expensive!) as I thought, which is nifty. Any other thoughts on how I can make my work/play setup as awesome as possible, for as little money as possible?

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