Anyone have a good ‘temp’ pun?

By , January 4, 2011 2:04 pm

This morning, I went to interview with a temping agency in Chicago, to get my resume and info on file for possible temp jobs in the future. This wasn’t something I was excited about doing, but I’m trying to leave myself open to all possibilities for earning money without returning to a fulltime job. I really love the flexibility and creative time I have (for example, I’m currently writing this in a Starbucks, having just come from a yoga class at my gym) but want to be back on slightly firmer financial footing.

The interview process was a new experience for me, coming as I have from primarily non-profit and arts organizations. I was warned beforehand by friends about the ‘proficiency tests’ but they’re really more ridiculous than I expected. MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint mockups, with different tasks like “Open file X” or “Set the template for this document to Y.” Unfortunately, you only had two tries for each instruction, meaning some things I’m sure I could have figured out I still ‘failed’ because I didn’t get them right immediately. Even so, I got 86% right on Powerpoint, 96% right on Word, and 97% right on Excel. That last one, according to the woman who interviewed me, “never happens,” so that felt nice! I also got “really high” typing scores of just around 100 WPM for straight typing, and “very good” and “excellent” typing scores for alphanumeric data entry and pure numerical data entry, respectively.

That said, because I’m teaching Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, the temp agency said I might have trouble getting assignments, as there aren’t a ton of one-day assignments these days. But we’ll see!

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