What does it mean to be a girl?

By , December 9, 2010 1:45 pm

A follow-up to What does it mean to be a boy?

  • Having boobs!
    More responsibilities
  • Shaving your legs
  • To know shame at an early age
  • My sheets have red splotches on them
  • Jumping ropes with braids
  • …and a pigtail!
  • Expected to have kids
  • Be able to bear children
  • Or…when you want to be, you can be a girl
  • Cuddling with me
  • Being strong
  • What makes you most happy
  • Power

And again, the responses:

  • Shaving your legs outside of America, typically only prostitutes do this
  • No – not all girls have boobs. Trust me on this!
  • Not all women want or are expected to have children
  • Again, seriously? (in response to “Having boobs”)
  • My sister has no boobs, but I’m pretty sure she’s my sister and not my brother. My brother is taller.

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