Trans Form opens TOMORROW!

By , November 5, 2010 3:32 pm

Remounting this show has been an interesting experience. First, I’ve had the opportunity to revisit old material. (Only a year or so old, but it’s been a long year!) I’m used to working in crunch time, with each artistic project finished just under the wire. Then that project is set aside, to begin work on the next.

Here, by virtue of having a completed script from the get-go, there’s been a chance to really explore each section of the show and figure out how it fits within the larger show as a whole. Likewise, I’ve been able to (slash been forced to) examine how I have or haven’t changed my attitudes around transitioning since writing this show last year. (As I discussed in this post about self-loathing and forgiveness.)

More broadly, this incarnation of Trans Form has been a much more collaborative process, with designers, a direction, and a production team. The upside of that is I’ve been able to focus more on the actual job of acting. The downside, there have been some decisions made that I’m not sure I totally understand. Nothing bad – I think the show is going to be great – I’m just not used to not having the final say on every little thing.

In any event, Trans Form opens tomorrow and runs Thursdays through Sundays until December 5. Tickets and more info are available at New Suit Theatre Company.

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