School-age transphobia at the “American Family News Network”

By , October 4, 2010 9:04 pm
The Gay Agenda

A parody of a WWII propoganda poster, targeting the "gay agenda"

When you start looking for school-age LGBT issues, they come out of the woodwork… From OneNewsNow, “A division of the American Family News Network,” comes this delightful article on a school being forced to “oblige” a trans sixth grader:

The radical homosexual agenda is making itself known in Maine, where a human-rights group has ruled a school must accommodate the sexual preferences of a sixth-grader.

The Maine Human Rights Commission recently ruled that Orono Middle School erred by assigning a separate bathroom to the boy, who wants to live as a girl. The decision comes after the child’s parents filed a complaint with the Commission, claiming their son — who no longer attends school in the district — experienced anxiety and depression during the 2008-2009 school year. The panel also made a similar ruling against the elementary school that the child had attended..

Oh no! The “radical homosexual agenda!” (I’d say I’m a card-carrying member, but they neglected to send it to me in the mail.) I’m also impressed with the story conflating sexual orientation and gender identity within the first sentence.

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