By , September 7, 2010 1:38 pm

Hello again! Sorry my posting has been so┬áintermittent… weddings and the last day at my fulltime job and, of course, FRINGE! I’m going to try and get back into my regular schedule of writing, and figured I’d first share my experiences from the first annual Chicago Fringe Festival.

Chicago Fringe Festival logo

'Till next year!

First and foremost: the Fringe Festival was AWESOME! It was great to perform, fun to volunteer, a blast to be able to see other shows, and an all-in-all wonderful experience.

Some Fringe thoughts, in no particular order:

Selling out on Saturday night was really wonderful. The Festival started off rocky for me, because on Tuesday night (the last rehearsal) I was very cranky, unsure if I would ever get off book, exhausted by dealing with technical issues, and at the edge of tears (and occasionally over the edge). Wednesday night (opening) went well, and it was good being able to improve on the show each night. Saturday night was both the strongest show and the largest house, although I finished off Sunday with a really strong show and a good house as well, which was great.

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