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By , May 17, 2010 12:20 am

Enjoy some links!

Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow – I’m embarrassed that I kinda want one of these… “Happy Gallbladder Removal” gift, anyone?

How To Accept A Compliment – I’m really bad at accepting compliments (self-esteem issues) so I appreciated this little list of tips.

Mighty Ms. – New feminist blog I stumbled upon.

Growing Up Skipper – A toy where lifting her arm caused her breasts to ‘develop.’ If only it were that easy…

Pixels and Spinning – Two awesome videos on YouTube

Self-censorship, or picking your battles – How presentation at work can be a political act

I hate MTF and FTM – These labels being used to reassert assigned gender, rather than identified. Good point, Lisa!

What have you been reading/writing recently?

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