Beauty tips from Jezebel

By , April 15, 2010 10:40 am

A few weeks ago I posted It’s a ‘woman thing’ not a ‘trans thing’, prompted by a post at Jezebel. I realized that a lack of confidence in ‘feminine’ skills not being a feeling of being a trans woman, but a feeling of being a woman. It doesn’t make you trans, it makes you…normal.

There was some great discussion on this site (and lots more at Jezebel) so I wanted to make sure everyone knew that  Jezebel has continued their Beauty 101 series with posts on waxing and shaving, hair, makeup, and more. Me? I’ve been reading tips about eyeliner.

I’d rate eyeliner as the top ‘feminine skill’ I’d like to acquire. I bought some liquid eyeliner earlier this week, because a few comments said it was easier to apply. Well, I definitely think it’s easier to apply. It sure as hell went on my eyelid with less effort. Dunno that it was easier to apply well, though. But maybe practice will make perfect.

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