Possible show titles

By , March 18, 2010 9:40 pm

I’m working on contract for the Chicago Fringe Festival and need to pick a title for my show. Trans Form was basically a lazy decision: I hadn’t written much of the show when I chose it, and it would fit whatever my show ended up being.

I’d like to put a little more thought into things this time, even though I still am trying to choose a title before I’ve finished writing the show. At the suggestion of a friend, I went back through my Trans Form script and pulled out lines or phrases that seemed like they might work as show titles. I’d love any thoughts or additional suggestions, though.

  • Often Referred To
  • Secondary Characteristics
  • Secondary ______ Characteristics (not sure what would go in the blank)
  • Results Not Guaranteed
  • I’ve Mapped the/a Way
  • 25 going on 16
  • I Didn’t Grow Boobs
  • 10 Milligrams Daily
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