Questions on being trans, from highschoolers (pt 3)

By , March 17, 2010 11:14 pm
  • Do you feel like your personality has changed at all?

Yes and no. The important things have not changed. I still find the same things funny, the same things sad, my politics haven’t changed, my taste in music hasn’t changed, and so on. At the same time, I think being more emotional – presumably a combination of hormones and being more comfortable with myself in general – has let me be a little more open and  a little less closed off.

Specifically, I used to think of myself as someone who could do a great poker face. That is, if I didn’t want my emotions to show, they didn’t. But on Monday of this week, one of my coworkers asked if anything was wrong (I was, indeed, stressed). I asked it if was that obvious, and she replied, “Yeah, you kind of wear your heart on your sleeve.”

I ultimately think this change is a good thing, but it’s taking some getting used to. It’s difficult to think of yourself, and the image you project to the world, as one thing and realize it’s really something else.

  • How do you feel about transgender persons getting married?  Do you want to get married?

I’m not totally sure what the first part of this question is asking. I think any two consenting adults of sound minds should be able to get married. Or, hell, more than two: I don’t think polyamory is for me, but I don’t see why I should tell others they can’t practice it. So I don’t think someone being trans, (or pre-, mid-, or post-transition) should have anything to do with it.

As to whether I want to get married… Yes, I think I do, eventually. Hopefully the right gal will sweep me off my feet. 🙂

  • Can transwomen get breast cancer?

Yup! (And I prefer “trans woman” – see here for why.) Anyone can, even men. Unfortunately, there aren’t any really good studies or data indicating the risks for trans women, above and beyond the genetic and familial risks that any woman might have.

  • Were there any side effects to the hormones?

Not that I’ve seen. There are things that could be considered negative – decreased muscle mass, changes in how I experience sex, etc – but I really don’t view ’em that way.

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    Wow, I wish more schools would have guest speaker events like this.

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