Undesired compliments

By , February 28, 2010 4:13 pm

Another tenant in the building where I work came into our office recently. She was asking about our upcoming production, so I gave her the info and encouraged her to come if she’s able. She thanked me, but as she was leaving she turned and said, “You’ve really blossomed this last year. I wanted you to know how beautiful you are.” I smiled, thanked her, and said polite goodbyes.

I need to get out of that office.

I appreciate where she was coming from, and obviously what she said was better than the alternative. But I hate that I’m working somewhere I haven’t simply chosen to be out, I’m inherently out by my long history of working in the same building.

I’m assuming I’ll be out (eventually) at whatever job I’m at. But there’s a difference between choosing to tell someone about your history, and having them been there for it and possess insider knowledge, regardless of how much disclosure you’d like to offer.

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