OMG teeth!

By , January 28, 2010 12:56 am

Went back to the dentist this week, even though I wasn’t very excited to have my cavities filled after my last visit. Fortunately, I got some better news – one of the cavities was super easy and not at all painful to fill, and the other one might not be a cavity at all! Basically, it looked like a really bad cavity from one angle on the x-ray, but not the other. And, if it was as bad of a cavity as it seemed, it should have been visible from both angles. So, rather than go digging and possibly not find anything, we’re going to wait a few months and I’ll come back to get another set of x-rays. If the ‘cavity’ hasn’t changed, that means the x-ray is really just showing my teeth (slightly odd teeth, apparently). If the ‘cavity’ has changed, that means it’s actually a cavity and I need to get it drilled. Ouch! (This is part of the reason I like my dentist – he’s willing to not do a procedure if he doesn’t think it’s the right decision.)

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, I saw this and it made me laugh:


(For anyone who doesn’t get it, OMG means ‘Oh my god!’ in text-speak. As in “OMG WTF! u nevaz did dat, like, dats like, fkin gay! if i did dat id be like, wowz!!!!”

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