Whateley needs a better timeline

By , January 6, 2010 8:12 am

I’ve been reading through a bunch of the Whateley Academy stories over the last few weeks and came to the realization that their organization leaves much to be desired.

I’ve been enjoying the stories a lot, and much of what I’m doing now is rereading pieces I’ve encountered before. Specifically, I’d say the story arcs of Toni, Nikki, Jade, Ayla, and Sara are the most well written, along with the other various stories by those characters’ authors.

But while the order of the stories at Crystal Hall is OK, there have been pretty consistent occasions where I’m not sure if I missed something because the information isn’t supposed to have been revealed yet, or if I missed something because I didn’t read another story I didn’t know was a precursor. Characters traveling freely between authors just furthers the issue.

I know multiple stories covering the same period of time make a simple timeline pretty much impossible…but if anyone over at Crystal Hall is reading this, some sort of order guide would be just lovely! (Or, lacking that, having the date ranges listed along with the story descriptions, so you could know what calendar period the story spans.)

(This is all separate from my love/hate relationship with trans fiction, which I’ll try to cover more in another post.)

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