Voldemort! (Don’t say that name!)

By , November 15, 2009 2:10 pm

One of my roommates and I went bowling Saturday night (I did not great,  but not horrible – bowled a 94 and an 87) and we had sort of a funny conversation.

We were talking about bowling names, because we’ve both used the same ones for years. But I haven’t gone bowling since changing my name, and my old bowling name was based on my (male) name.

My roommate said, “Well, you can use the same bowling name. But I guess it was based on your old name. And now that your name isn’t…that that isn’t your name, we could try to come up with something new, based on Rebecca.”

I said, laughingly, “It’s not Voldemort – you can say my old name!”

I’ve been thinking about that idea since then, though, because there is an aspect of “He who shall not be named”-ness about it. I’ve entirely avoided using my old name on this blog. I only rarely use it when talking about my past, even with friends or coworkers. And it definitely bugs the hell out of me when I get mail addressed to…my old name.

I just hope that getting rid of my old name won’t require five hundred in-need-of-editing pages containing meandering, lost-in-the-forest whining and in-fighting…

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  1. timberwraith says:

    The passage of time does funny things. I used to feel a mix of wistfulness (I was fond of my old name) combined with discomfort when mail arrived addressed to him. Now, when I find mail addressed to the old name, my internal response is something akin to, “Huh? Wow, he’s been dead a loooong time. Who are these people and where’s the recycling bin?”

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