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By , June 28, 2009 1:58 pm

My Bookmarks folder has been filling up, so time to post some and delete ’em.

  • The Most Amazing Flash Ad Ever -This is, indeed, hilarious and you should check it out.
  • Colbert Report on Stonewalling – As usual The Colbert Report is rather hilarious
  • Seven Most Baffling Criminal Defenses That Sort of Worked – Cracked is often a little misogynistic, but I have to give them credit for having describing the Gwen Araujo murder pretty accurately, and using correct pronouns. (Even if they lose a lot of that credit for the picture of Jamie Lee Curtis they use…)
  • Rep Schakowsky’s Open Letter to the LGBT Community – I do love Rep Schakowsky, and appreciate this letter. Even though I’m unhappy about how much ‘progress’ has been made on GLBT issues since Obama took office.
  • Lessons – A post from the always-insightful Daisy about her journey discovering how to express gender. (And I hope I’m not stepping on toes by using ‘her’ – I don’t think she’s stated her identity as trans, or male, but please let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll change pronouns right away!)
  • Camp Aranu’Tiq – A camp for trans kids. Nifty!
  • Permission – Check this video out. It’s really worth watching.
  • How Many Letters Does It Take to Kill A Movement? – I’ve thought a lot about this, in terms of how many letters does the LGBTQIAA movement need to be inclusive of everyone, and what should/shouldn’t be included.
  • Call for submissions – the next Gender Outlaw – Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman are calling for submissions for an updated version of Gender Outlaw. Unfortunately – and much to my regret, as I’ve met Bear and really liked him, and really enjoy Kate’s writings – they used ‘tranny’ in the CFS. When someone brought it up in the comments, Bear seemed unwilling to engage in a discussion of why some people don’t like that word. EDIT, 6/29/09: As usual, life is more complicated than than my summary of the situation, and Bear has let me know he and Kate do plan on addressing the issue this week. I feel like I keep being presented with this lesson over and over, but it obviously hasn’t sunk in yet: Silence on the Internet (and offline!) can, in fact, be due to life interfering with the best laid plans, and not due to intentional snubbing.
  • I Heart You on Facebook – Hilarious!
  • How to Build a 3D City – Amazing!
  • Princess Pros and Cons – The pros and cons of being a princess. Very enjoyable.
  • Five Axioms about Gender – Exactly what it sounds like. Worth reading.
  • A Pirate’s Code of Conduct for BitTorrent – I’ve been known to torrent some bits, so this seemed interesting.
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