I (heart) Ubuntu

By , April 29, 2009 10:42 pm

I’ve mentioned before that I use Ubuntu as my primary operating system on my laptop and desktop. They recently released version 9.04 and, after taking a deep breath, I took the plunge and upgraded both of my systems.

This is the first upgrade I’ve had where more things went right, and work better, than went wrong or outright broke (and I’ve been using Ubuntu since 5.10). Now, to be clear, my appreciation of Ubuntu has obviously kept me with it, but I have to giveĀ  shoutout for this release. The system boots much faster, visual effects are smoother and work better (windows fading in and out, moving between virtual desktops, doing a Expose-like window display, and so on), everything just feels like it’s tighter and more polished.

And, wonders of wonders, my desktop’s aging graphics card (an old ATI) not only didn’t break with the upgrade, it works better now! Still no working Steam, which is sad, but Deus Ex is (at long last!) working under Wine! Deus Ex is one of those supposedly-great games from when I was in middle or high school that I never had the patience to finish, but am now hoping to. (Along with others such as System Shock 2, Fallout, No One Lives Forever, and so on.) Because upgrading the full system upgraded a bunch of components, including Wine, there’s no way of telling exactly what made things work, but I’m happy something did! (It’s a lot like alchemy in that regard…)

If you’ve been thinking about giving Ubuntu a try, 9.04 is definitely the smoothest experience I’ve had with the system thus far. So go for it!


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