By , April 4, 2009 6:17 pm

I’ve been thinking about privilege lately. As someone who grew up white, middle class, and (presenting to the world as) male, I’ve been near the top of the ‘privilege’ heap. I’m (culturally) Jewish, which certainly wouldn’t win me fans in all circles but hasn’t (to my knowledge) made me the subject of discrimination so far in my life. Moving through the world as said WMCM, I’ve learned to expect all of the privileges afforded to me as such. (WMCM = white, middle-class, male…doesn’t have quit the same ring as JAP or WASP, but what are you gonna do…I’m open to more witty suggestions if anyone has some.) I don’t think I’ve ever tried to claim undo privilege, ad I certainly hope that I haven’t, but I’ve read enough feminist, queer, and race theory to know that I’ve received the benefits of my WMCM privilege whether I’ve intended to or not.

Ceder over at Taking Up Too Much Space has come up with a Cis Privilege Checklist, having been inspired by Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege Checklist. Both lists are woth taking a look at, because no matter who you are you either are the recipient of such privilege, or denied such privilege by virtue of not bing cis or white. But the lists are particularly interesting to go through from the perspective of figuring out how many privileges have been denied because of your non-cis or non-white status. (Interesting and depressing, but interesting nontheless.)

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