Sort of surreal…

By , January 5, 2009 9:54 pm

Today was my first day at work as R and, all in all, the experience was sort of surreal. It didn’t help that I had a bad time getting to sleep last night (though I slept fine once I was asleep) and I had a lot of stuff to¬† get through today (including fighting with the Internet at the office for two hours).

Basically, I think it was the experience of having something that’s been so private and so personal for my entire life suddenly become something that’s not only very public but (fortunately) not really a big deal to the people around me. That is, they’re supportive and they care because it’s important to me, but don’t care because it’s ‘weird’ or anything.

I’m also aware that it wasn’t really suddenly, since I’ve been out to most of these people for months and going by R today was the result of a gradual process and conversation. But still…it felt pretty damn sudden.

I mean, shit…I’m living full time now. I will now be spending more of my time interacting with the world as R than not!

Aaaand now I’ve gotten myself in a panic because I hadn’t thought about things in those terms before. Ah, good…

I should go play some Rock Band 2 that I just bought! Rock on!


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