Second round of hair removal

By , December 26, 2008 9:58 pm

I had the first part of the second round of hair removal today, covering my arms and torso (I go back on Sunday for my legs).  It went much better than last time, for a couple reasons.

First, every time you go back for more laser on the same area it’s supposed to be less painful, and that was generally true when I did my face a few years ago.

(Although a thought just occured to me – for my face and now my body, they started on a higher level of power than they ended up using for the rest of the sessions. It’s possible – and probable – that this was to test my tolerance and then pull back when it was too much, but it could be to make the remaining sessions more pleasant by comparison…how sneaky…)

Second, they used a new laser machine they purchased since the last time I was there, in August, which was supposed to be less painful.

Third, I only did my arms and torso today, while last time I did my arms, torso, legs, and face.

Finally, I had my iPod with me and was listening to This American Life. Specifically, I was listening to a really interesting episode, Harold, about Chicago’s first (and only, thus far) black mayor, Harold Washington. Distractions are, apparently, a very good idea.

All in all, I think the session went smoother for those four reasons, basically in that order. The previous (horrible, hellish) session was between 2 and 3 hours and this session was maybe 45 minutes. Likewise, I was able to go out to dinner after and enjoy myself rather than running home and sobbing my eyes out in the shower.

Sunday is my legs, which I’m still a little nervous about (mainly the…northerly…areas) but I’m feeling a lot better about the whole process.


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