Trans and Judaism

By , December 17, 2008 7:59 pm

I was raised as a relatively secular Jew, and identify alternatingly as agnostic, a secular Jew, and a Humanistic Jew, depending on my spiritual feelings at the moment. (Usually one of the first two, occasionally as the third.) As such, I don’t hold a huge amount of personal stake in what the religious Jewish community feels about trans issues. That is, while I do feel some emotional connection to the Jewish community (how big is as varrying as how I describe my religious identity) how Jewish religious scholars feel about same-sex and trans issues won’t make me change my attitudes on transitioning or same-sex relationships any more than Christian or Muslim scholars would change my mind.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see TransTorah, a resource which “helps people of all genders to fully access and transform Jewish tradition, and helps Jewish communities to be welcoming sanctuaries for people of all genders.” A friend of mine emailed me the page, and I’ve been exploring it’s (somewhat sparse) resources. I particularly like the Blessings for Transitioning Genders, and will file it away with my secular Chanukah blessing


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