The cost of transitioning

By , December 15, 2008 10:55 pm

Lets look at dollars and cents…

  • $45/month for hormones (assuming I stay on a similarly good insurance plan)
    • May go up to $60/month if/when I go on progesterone
    • TOTAL COST: Somewhere around $650 so far…going off for a while this summer makes calculating the exact amount a little difficult…probably somewhere around $30,000 over the rest of my life (making a lot of assumptions, including that the cost of drugs will never go up or down)
  • $1,000+ for facial hair removal, so far.
    • I need to go back and do some more touch-ups, each one running an additional $100 per session
  • $4,390 for body hair removal, including chest and torso, arms, and legs
    • Like facial hair, I’ll probably need to do additional touch-ups at some point, each running hundreds of dollars
    • This also doesn’t include my back, neck, or shoulders, all areas I may want to do someday
  • Around $45/month for therapy
    • I’m counting this as an indispensable part of the transition, and once I use up my insurance-alloted number of sessions it’ll go up from $15 out-of-pocket per session to the full $90 (unless I can talk my therapist down from there…)
    • TOTAL COST: Somewhere around $750 so far
  • At least $6,700 spent so far
    • More than my rent for a year
    • More than my car is worth
    • More than I spent going to Paris twice last year to visit G

To complete the picture, I’m not sure that I want SRS. I’m trying very hard to avoid thinking about it until I feel like I’m in a place where I could even consider such a decision. (Namely, when I’m living full-time as R and feeling considerably more confident doing so.) But, as the old joke goes, “If it weren’t for the cost of transitioning, I’d have enough to pay for SRS by now.” (Not quite true, but I’m getting there…)

Just food for thought.


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  1. M says:

    Wow that is ridiculously expensive. More so when you put it in comparison with the other major expenses.

    Though I wish my rent (in this case mortgage) was less than 6700 a year!

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