Don’t Vote. Really. Just Don’t.

By , October 6, 2008 5:35 pm

‘Starred Politics Posts’ Post

By , October 3, 2008 9:53 pm

Wanted to share some posts I’ve found interesting among (or, perhaps, amongst) the blogs I read regularly.

First, some politics. (Sorry, gotta get ’em out of the way.)

  • Over at Feministe, the had a post about a nifty site that has presidential campaign commercials dating back to 1952. Some very interesting commercials, many of which are horribly creepy…
  • The Bilerico Project compares Palin to Pygmalion, noting “The talent of a George Bernard Shaw or the magic of Hollywood can turn a Cockney flower girl into a lady, depending upon the talent of the actress in the role, but there isn’t time enough to turn Sarah Palin into a serious candidate for the highest office in the country. Not believably, anyway.”
  • Graphjam has a helpful chart on who benefits from the $700 billion bailout. (Hint: It’s not you!)
  • A number of blogs noted Sarah Silverman’s new movement, The Great Schelp, encouraging Jews to get their lazy Florida grandparents to vote for Obama. Hilarious!



I get to go back on hormones!

By , October 1, 2008 3:29 pm

(Sorry in advance to anyone who knows me in person and is weirded out by this too-much-information post.)

Just got a call from the lab tech at the fertility clinic I ended up going to and he said he was able to recover four viable samples from second ‘deposit,’ for a total of five viable samples. (Which means that if/when I chose to use ’em, I’ll have five tries.)

So I get to go back on hormones!

It’s not all great news, as the samples apparently had about 50% mobility, which means I have tired, lazy sperm. As a result, if/when the samples are used my partner will have to be impregnated by in-vitro fertilisation, rather than artifical insemination. There’s sort of nothing to do about that now (ideally, I would have made the deposits before going on hormones at all, and hopefully had a higher mobility rate) but IVF is more expensive and more medically complicated than artifical insemination, which is unfortunate.

All in all, I’m ready to go home right now and start popin’ hormone pills again.


I was just on NPR!

By , October 1, 2008 10:07 am

Chicago Public Radio has a program called Eight Forty-Eight and this morning’s show had a segment about a proposed GLBT-friendly high school in the Chicago Public School system and they asked for people to call in, so I did, and got on the air.

As I said (and I think you can listen to online, or will be able to eventually) I’m very torn about the concept of a GLBT high school campus, and have had discussions concerning the idea since the Harvey Milk high school opened in New York city.

The realist in me acknowledges that, had I attended such a high school, I might have felt more inclined to come out and transition earlier, which could have put me in a much better place now. (Not that I think I’m in a horrible place now.)

However, the idealist in me feels that segregating (even self-segregating) a community that is under attack only allows biggots and assholes (wasn’t allowed to say that one on NPR) to set the discussion about GLBT students.

I guess, in a perfect world, I would want this to be part of a two-pronged approach, where the GLBT high school opens within a larger push in public schools for GLBT acceptance. A number of guests on NPR seemed to share a similar sentiment, but we’ll see if anything like that actually ends up happening.


PS – The caller imediately prior to me was a year below me in highschool. Small world… I’ve Facebook messaged her to say ‘hi’ now, as seems the socially appropriate thing to do after following her on a call-in talk-radio show. Although I feel sort of bad that the two youth voices (or younger voices, anyway) both went to the same pretty GLBT-friendly high school. Oh well.

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