Blogging while doing theatre

By , September 30, 2008 8:04 pm

I’m rehearsing my piece and taking Tim’s suggestion to use the blog as part of it (although perhaps this is a bit too literal). (Also, this assumes I can get Internet over at Links Hall….I’ll email EM to check.)


Sometimes it’s exhausting

By , September 30, 2008 7:56 pm

I hesitate to write this post when things are actually going pretty well, but feel like I need to if I want to work through some of it…

When I started transitioning I knew it would be hard work. Hard physical work, like the excruciatingly painful and horribly expensive hair removal, and hard emotional work, like changing how I interact with friends and loved ones.

What I didn’t really think about were all the little ways in which it would wear me down.

Things like having people I barely know feel that they then get to make assumptions and judgments about me (not even necessarily negative ones!)  because they know I’m trans. Like Jack, whose brother and brother’s wife were both trans, so even though I just met him he felt completely comfortable asking me how long I’ve been on hormones. And, damn me for not thinking ahead, I told him instead of giving a noncommittal answer to indicate it was none of his business. An answer like “trans people go on hormones for the rest of their life” or “none of your bloody business, person-I-just-met.”

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