Confidence (comma even more on)

By , July 21, 2008 3:34 am

MG has been in this past weekend (and a little last week) for wedding prep and bridal shower stuff for SH’s upcoming fall wedding, and has given me a big shot of confidence. I’m generally feeling better about lots of stuff, so everything sort of collectively seems less scary, but MG said some specific comments about how I was looking (like guessing my weight 15 pounds below what it actually is!) that really just made me feel good about myself. We also went shopping for some clothing (at Target! ooooh, classy) just so my closet wasn’t so androgynous (at best…)

Likewise, I went out some this weekend in explicitly feminine clothing and it felt good. I even got included in a collective ‘ladies’ tonight after going to the beach and decidedly not looking feminine…

So yeah. I’m starting the mentorship thing tomorrow, culminating in a group performance next Sunday and solo performance in November (so far away!) so I’ll definitely post on how it goes. But although I’m still a little terrified – about presenting myself as R artistically and just presenting myself artistically, period, and just presenting presenting myself as R, period – I’m feeling lots better about all three of those things.

Hopefully I’ll still feel the same way after the first meeting tomorrow!


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