Postmarked March 6, 1945 – Italy to Chicago

By , July 12, 2008 8:51 pm

Kay Graw
APO 0394
co Postmaster
New York, NY

Mrs. B Graw

4707 N Central Park Ave
Chicago V5, Illinois

Postmarked 4/6/1945

Dear Mother –

By the time this reaches you, you will have received word of my arrival through UNRRA but we are now stopped at a port on the way to our final destination and I can send mail so I did want to get some word off to you. Harry must have told you when he got home of my preparation for departure and I know you will unterstand why I couldn’t give you any more information. It was wonderful being in New York with Harry if only for a few days and we sailed the Sunday after he left.

All six of us have been thanking our lucky stars every day for the luck we’ve had on this trip. The boat is a French boat, the cook is French, the food is French and abundant beyond our highest deams. And just to add the final perfect touch there were a dozen French flyers and a dozen navy officers (French also) on the trip so that there were always at least two and a half men for every woman on board. One of the French flyers I took permenant possession and enjoyed a wonderful romance across the ocean. If I can pack him into my musette(?) back I shall bring him back to America with me. We had briliant sunshine all but two of the 18 days of the trip and never a rough enough sea to make anyone seasick or spoil anyone’s appetite. There were only about 40 passengers on board so thqat we all came to know each other very well. Continue reading 'Postmarked March 6, 1945 – Italy to Chicago'»

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