Hormones, in the other direction…

By , July 7, 2008 3:23 am

I was convinced by my therapist (and beaten over the head by G) to store sperm. I know that going on hormones can/might/will cause chemical castration and, before this decision, I’d been planning to decide about having kids by not deciding and assume I wouldn’t be the biological parent of any kids. My therapist (and G) both said, reasonably, that by storing sperm now I can make the decision later. So before I’d have only had one option (don’t be a genetic parent), but now I’ll have two (don’t or do be a genetic parent).

The problem is that, having been on estrogen and progesterone for over a year, my body ain’t producing a whole lot of sperm. So on my doc’s advice, I’ve been scaling back my hormones for the past month. The idea is to scale back a little bit each week, leave ’em at a lower level until ‘production’ goes back up, make the deposit, and increase the hormones back to the old level. I was never horribly enthousiastic about the prospect of scaling back the hormones, because I’ve felt a lot better since starting the hormones, but I’m doing it anyway.

That means that my estrogen levels are dropping and my testosterone levels are rising. Yeah, that’s the point of this whole hormone juggling. But I hadn’t thought through this whole hormone juggling, because the result (in addition to eventual sperm production…) is also that I’m quicker to anger and so amazingly horny all the time. I’d like to think this is part of my body readjusting and not just how I lived from puberty ’till 22, but who knows….

Anyway, this whole thing’ll be an interesting experience in how hormones effect behavior and emotions…


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