April 29, 1965

By , July 3, 2008 1:34 am


Dear Mary –

First and foremost – Thank you very much for writing at length and without pulling any puches. It means that there’s no risk of our ever skewing(?) about not understanding or arguing with each other. Next best thing to being able to sit and talk out with each other any ideas we may have, is to be able to count on each other being open and straightforward with each other.

You are, of course, absolutely right about our agreeing in principle about the desirability of people keeping each other. And I agree with you whole heartedly that keeping one another has nothing to do with money. It has to do with caring about each other. And I don’t for a moment doubt your sympathy with Lillian Brown. What I do belive – and this is surely what I meant – is that one has no right to interfere in the way another person is living unless one is ready to accept the consequences of that interference. Let me confess first that I know very little about the kind of person Lillian is apart from what I’ve gathered from you and mother and Mary Tole(?). I do remember Uncle’s attitude about his daughter and his son years ago, the ????? of and and he(?) set up for their leh avion(?). The daughter was to be sheltered and kept out of the world, the sons to be given absolute freedom. I had never heard anything to suggest, as you do in your letter, that Lillian was at risk of becoming a gratitude. My impression of her was that she was too retarded in her personal relation rather than that she was too bold. But whatever her problems, if she decided on the strength of your well-intentioned advice to just ????? up and come to Chicago! To try to make a new life for herself, would you be willing to have her come stay with you? Perhaps you would, but if you did I’d be both surprised and sorry. Because I think that would be a greater responsibility than you should have to assume for her welfare – unless she means a great deal more to you than I assumed. Continue reading 'April 29, 1965'»

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